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How you found me, part 3

[Part 1 of this series is here.
Part 2 of this series is here.]

I'm clearly overdue for a third, but I'm sure you'll forgive me, as I've been busy blogging about more interesting things. Still, I think that this is sort of interesting, too, although it is by no means scientific or thorough in any way.

...by Googling "Why does eye strain occur when working form 6pm to 5 am?" My December 2005 archive was the second hit.

...by Googling "Zoroastrian view on birth control," you hit this post.

...by Googling "בנות ירושלים" someone in Haifa arrived here. I think this may be the first time someone has Googled something in Hebrew to arrive at my blog. It's a nice thing to google and get to me through!

...by Googling "female brain chocolate center" someone in Boston landed here.
If there was a winner, this would clearly be it.

...by Googling i want to convert to zoroastrianism in london (without quotes) someone in London landed here. I don't know if it's possible, but best of luck! It does seem like a kind of cool religion.

...by Googling male gaze (without quotes), you got here. Surprisingly, it was on the 13th page of links (it was the 121st of 4.9 million links--not too shabby!). If you Google halacha male gaze, that post is #1. [Updated to add: When I originally wrote this post in October, that was true. Now that post is #2. Yes, this one has beeen sitting in the draft pile for awhile.]

...by Googling "NYC" "superficial women," you arrived here. I don't know why I find it amusing that someone got to my blog by searching for superficial NYC women, but I do. (That person was Googling from within NYC, by the way. So it seems that they were Googling from experience, possibly seeking some useful advice. Like people-watching, Google-search-watching can lead to entire elaborate constructions of people's lives and motivations.)

People who come across my blog and live in unusual places:

Normal ways of finding my blog:

Sometimes, people actually look for normal things, and my blog provides answers. How cool is that?


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