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Brain Sex

There, that caught your attention, didn't it? (Wonder what kind of weird searches will draw people to my blog now...)

In today's New York Times Book Review section, there was a review of a book that looked somewhat interesting, called The Female Brain (by Louann Brizendine). The review was mixed--it sounds like the book covers some interesting topics, but doesn't fully respect the intelligence of its readers (i.e., low on facts and hard numbers). It's also possible that Brizendine makes very general claims about men's and women's brains without sufficient evidence to back herself up. The first chapter of The Female Brain is online through the NYT if you want to read it.

If you want numbers, statistics, and data about brains in general, as well as about differences between male and female brains, this BBC website is a good place to start. And here is a quiz, developed by the good people at the BBC Science and Nature division, that can supposedly tell you whether your brain has more typically male strengths or traits or more female strengths or traits. I already completed all six parts (over a month or so), and can tell you my results later on. (Hint: Read these back-and-forth comments between me, my brother, and others in response to a post on International Women's Day last March.) Taking the quiz itself was interesting. I'm so competitive that I wanted to be good at all the parts, and I wasn't. (I doubt anyone would be. Let me know if you are so I can feel inferior. Thanks!)

Finally, something else, a bit lighter, from today's New York Times. It's a quick, funny read.

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