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Good things that are happening in New York City and other parts of the world

Please keep the comments coming on my last post! I'm finding them interesting.

In the meantime, an article in yesterday's New York Times described something good that some people are trying to do in New York to provide affordable "first-step housing" for people who would otherwise be homeless.

The existence of Seminarians for Justice makes me happy. I personally know people from Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, Yeshiva University's RIETS, and the Hebrew College rabbinical school who are involved.

And as a follow-up to this post, a few accounts of yesterday's rally to stop genocide in Darfur:
New York Times video clip from the rally
Washington Post rally coverage
Candy Sandwich(blog)
The Orthodox Paradox (blog)

I would be happy to add your first-person account to this list if you share it with me.

Interesting: This Reuter's article links (chronologically if not causally) the US sending it's #2 State Department official to Nigeria to try to influence Sudanese peace talks, which happened today, with yesterday's rallies in DC and elsewhere.

I don't have much to add about the rally. I'm glad that I went, even though I felt that I didn't bring much more than my body there. I'm not good at listening to speeches in large crowds (or small crowds, for that matter), so I didn't put that much effort into listening to the speakers, although what I did hear (mostly Elie Wiesel) was inspiring.

It was good to see the diversity in the crowd, although there were fewer people there than I expected. As expected, I saw many identifiable Jews (either of the kippot/skirts variety or wearing t-shirts that identified them as coming from specific synagogues, schools, or youth groups). I was proud that there were so many Jews there, but also happy that it wasn't only Jews, and that Jews had successfully worked with others to put the rally together. In addition to the Jewish groups, I saw some Sudanese groups, groups of union members (saw an AFT contingent), and people from all over the US. I saw signs from all over the Northeast, of course (as far North as Maine!), but also from Colorado, and I heard that people came from Texas and Ohio also.


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