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Darfur Rally--sign up for a bus today!

At the JCC of Manhattan website, you can get a subsidized bus to and from Washington DC on April 30, the day of the rally. It's $30 round trip.

Information about rally here.

Image (above) created here.

What is the rally asking for specifically? It seems like nothing short of unilateral US military action will actually stop the evildoers in this case - is that what's being requested?
In reply to David's comment, Human Rights First describes their goal as follows:
We are calling on the U.N. to appoint a peace envoy - someone who can lead the global community in bringing peace to Darfur. We know this strategy can work. It worked to end the north-south conflict in Sudan. Also in Northern Ireland. The same can - and must – be done in Darfur.

I'm not sure to what extent the sponsors of the Darfur Rally are connected to Human Rights First and share this goal. I think it could work provided it were backed up by a credible threat of intervention by an effective UN or other international force. It wouldn't necessarily have to be a US force. But it would have to be a force that no one would think would pull out if there were a few casualties, or that would be worried about offending countries that might support the Sudanese government.
I believe that the rally organizers share the goal of Human Rights First. I think that they do. On their website, they say that they:

"hereby call upon the United States and the United Nations as leaders of the international community to immediately intervene to stop the killing, the rape, and the destruction of villages, and to assure that humanitarian relief reaches all those in need."

I think that their immediate goal through the rally is to raise awareness of what's going on in Darfur, since it so rarely makes the major US media. In order for there to be national or international pressure to do something, some large number of American people have to know and care.
i'll see you there!!!
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