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Questions for my readers

Dear Readers (if I have any besides this one):

What is the first book you remember reading to yourself, by yourself? What was the context?

Did you learn to read when you were three? Are you serious? Because I didn't learn to read until I was six, and I'm going to get an inferiority complex if everyone reading my blog learned to read when they were three. Really, that's just sick, people!

Do you remember learning to read? Because I don't. I mean, I remember not knowing how to read, and then I remember learning the sounds of the letters in kindergarten, and then I remember being able to read in first grade. Maybe that's just how it goes, but I kind of would have thought that something (magic? a lot of effort? blood, sweat, and tears?) would happen between learning the sounds of the letters and being able to read Pat the Bunny. But maybe not. Or maybe I was just lucky.

One reason that I'm thinking about reading so much these days is that the other day, on the B train, I saw these two very cute little girls learning how to read. They were sounding out words from a book with the help of an adult sitting with them who helped them when they got stuck on a particularly difficult one. I don't really remember being at that stage of reading, and I wondered if others had.

Are you a compulsive book buyer? If you do buy an inordinate number of books or sometimes feel compelled to buy books, why do you think that is? (If you don't mind my asking...) What kinds of books do you like to buy?

And, finally, on travel, since that is what started this blog--do you like to travel? Why? Where to? Or, conversely, do you find it a major hassle?

While you're at it, if you have a blog, please help the good people over at MIT and fill in their blogging survey by clicking on the link below:

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