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On the Harry Potter Bandwagon

I've somehow resisted for a very long time, but over Shabbat, I finally started reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. I was a little bored of the other books I was in the middle of and wanted something different. JY suggested Harry Potter, and for some reason, I felt game. I guess really long boring Shabbat afternoons will do that to you. I read the first one over Shabbat, and started the second one last night.

I guess it's pretty clear that they changed the text for the American edition. I saw some references to "soccer" and was surprised. I kind of like those Britishisms (is that a word?) and missed them. Were there queues or engaged telephones in Harry Potter?

In summary, I can see why people like the books, but I can't exactly see why they go so crazy over them. (Don't shoot me.) I mean, are they that much better than other good books? Or are there so few (new) good books out there that it's necessary to go nuts over them? What's up with waiting in line at midnight for them?


More importantly, they changed the title of the first book! It was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Britain, but they figured "philosopher" wouldn't sell in America, so they changed it.

What's an engaged telephone?

I started the 6th book yesterday.
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