Electronic record of my flu, for posterity

As if that last post wasn't bad enough! I am sharing this as a reminder to myself to get a flu shot next fall.

Tuesday, February 19 [the day after I returned from Atlanta]
  • 3:03 pm: I need another vacation. NOW.

Wednesday, February 20
  • 2:16 pm: I am not feeling well. Headachy. Nauseated. Sad that I will probably miss the lunar eclipse tonight because of it.
  • 8:15 pm: I am in bed and going to sleep soon, hoping I'll feel better tomorrow.

Thursday, February 21
  • 8:40 am: I am trying to decide if I should call in sick or not. I still feel nasty, but have realized that it's probably just a cold.
  • 1:19pm: I took zinc, vitamin C, + Tylenol & am back in bed. Thank God for sick days and for my employer who provides them. I will be working from home post-nap.
  • 5:12 pm: I am wondering if and where I can get prepared chicken soup in Washington Heights that doesn't taste like salt + MSG.

Friday, February 22
  • 2:18 pm: I am at work, where the internet is down (again) because of the snow. (Usually it's because of rain.) Still sick. I slept 23 out of 36 hours while home!

Saturday, February 23
  • 9:04 pm: I am still sick. I don't know what I've got, but I am exhausted and everything hurts. I desperately want my mother's chicken soup.

Sunday, February 24
  • 4:19 am: I am awake at 4 am rehydrating, redrugging, and generally causing a ruckus.
  • 1:58 pm: I am spending another day in bed, wondering what happens with my jury duty if I'm still sick on Tuesday morning.

Monday, February 25
  • 11:47 am: I am 102.7 in the shade. I will be pouring myself into a bucket and dragging myself to the doctor at 2 pm.
  • 3:14 pm: I am back from the doctor. I officially have the flu and was told that I can expect two to three more days of fever.
  • 4:56 pm: I am grateful that I am young and healthy, and have a robust immune system that's going to beat this opportunistic infection! Also, delighted that it's not 1918.

Tuesday, February 26
  • 1:23 pm: I am still in bed with a fever, but a much lower fever than yesterday. It's amazing what a difference a few degrees makes!
  • 4:47 pm: I am SO ready to be better. Temp holding at 99.8--is that really necessary? I have too much work waiting at work to lie around in bed for another day!
  • 10:42 pm: I am still grateful for my kick-ass immune system, which is going to eradicate this influenza virus, but I wish it would hurry up a bit. 100.3 is too high.

Wednesday, February 27
  • 2:11 pm: I am on Day 8 of the flu and my wireless internet is flaking out on me. This must mean it's time for another nap.
  • 2:53 pm: I am ecstatic to report that the Eagle has landed! 98.6, baby! I'm still going to take a nap now.
  • 5:54 pm: I am still happy my fever is down. 99.1 is still really good, especially if it doesn't go up tonight. But, really, why taunt me with that tantalizing 98.6?
  • 8:06 pm: I deserve a medal for going to my brother's apartment to take care of his cats (to which I am allergic) when he is away, while I am (I think it's now safe to say) recovering from the flu.
  • 11:50 pm: I am planning to go back to work tomorrow. Between vacation and being sick, I have only worked 2.5 out of the past 10 business days. Will I remember how?

Thursday, February 28
  • 1:10 am: Me: 1 Flu: 0

And now, back to work. I am really too busy for words (tee hee!) now that I'm better. Don't worry, I am going to heed everyone's advice and take it easy for a bit, too.

Stay healthy!

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alg's mother said...

I thought I would not be interested in the details of your illness saga, but this was SO entertaining, as I'm sure it was NOT for you, when you were sick.