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Electronic record of my flu, for posterity

As if that last post wasn't bad enough! I am sharing this as a reminder to myself to get a flu shot next fall.

Tuesday, February 19 [the day after I returned from Atlanta]

Wednesday, February 20

Thursday, February 21

Friday, February 22

Saturday, February 23

Sunday, February 24

Monday, February 25

Tuesday, February 26

Wednesday, February 27

Thursday, February 28

And now, back to work. I am really too busy for words (tee hee!) now that I'm better. Don't worry, I am going to heed everyone's advice and take it easy for a bit, too.

Stay healthy!


I thought I would not be interested in the details of your illness saga, but this was SO entertaining, as I'm sure it was NOT for you, when you were sick.
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