Replace "Saturday" with "Sunday" and you have a sneak peak into my life.

It's time for an update on all the stuff I mentioned here.

I have packed, with the help of several kind, generous, and lovely friends, and one mother who motivated me to get started way early, all of my:
  • books
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • stereo
  • papers
  • office supplies
  • arts and crafts supplies (I used to be quite the crafty type, and often think wistfully that I will go back to it one day)
  • pots and pans and plates and glasses
  • assorted travel gear (luggage tags, neck pillows, eye masks, collapsible sun hats, luggage belts, tiny bottles of Purell for all those times you have to pee on buses without running water)
  • about half of my linens, used at padding in boxes
  • about 2/3 of my photos and photo albums
  • about half of my bags, purses, and backpacks
  • and almost all of my food
Along the way I threw out or donated a good 15-20 cubic feet of papers and books and clothing and other things I no longer want.

I still need to pack all of my:
  • clothing (in drawers and the closet, with everything I'll need for the next two weeks separated out)
  • shoes (with what I need for the next two weeks separated out)
  • coats
  • files boxes of papers from 2005-2007 (so I guess I was wrong about having packed up all of my papers)
  • one drawer of files from file cabinet (ditto)
  • tools
  • jewelry (with what I need for the next two weeks separated out)
  • medicine (with what I need for the next two weeks separated out)
  • toiletries (with what I need for the next two weeks separated out)
  • framed photos/pictures
  • dustpan
  • the rest of my food, including one bottle of champagne and three bottles of wine (suggestions? wrap well and pray for the best?)
  • cleaning supplies (only bottles that are more than half-full? everything? nothing? only a few essentials? silly to throw it out and buy it again in the new place)
  • assorted detritus from around my bedroom.
Am I forgetting anything?

So, um, I have what to do tonight. What am I not going to do right now? I am not going to go back to YouTube and watch this clearly talented cartoonist, Lev Yilmaz's other videos. I am not. Instead, I will go home and pack. Oh, and do one final load of laundry. And deliver my two much-beloved houseplants to their temporary caregiver.

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