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Replace "Saturday" with "Sunday" and you have a sneak peak into my life.

It's time for an update on all the stuff I mentioned here.

I have packed, with the help of several kind, generous, and lovely friends, and one mother who motivated me to get started way early, all of my:
Along the way I threw out or donated a good 15-20 cubic feet of papers and books and clothing and other things I no longer want.

I still need to pack all of my:
Am I forgetting anything?

So, um, I have what to do tonight. What am I not going to do right now? I am not going to go back to YouTube and watch this clearly talented cartoonist, Lev Yilmaz's other videos. I am not. Instead, I will go home and pack. Oh, and do one final load of laundry. And deliver my two much-beloved houseplants to their temporary caregiver.

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