How you found me, part 1

If I was more poetic, this post would be written as an ode to the wonders of statcounter. Alas, I am not. At least not at this time of night.

Some searches that have led people to this blog are below. (And, yes, this is what people like me do in the middle of the night instead of sleeping.) I'm calling this "part 1" in case I ever feel the need to continue the series.
  • "To wear a sheitel or not" led to this. The same search led to this, which is much more interesting.
  • More on sheitlach... Someone in St. Paul, MN was searching for "how much does it cost to dye a sheitel" twice (!) in the middle of the night, using Google, and came up with this. These kinds of searches illustrate how inefficient many Google searches are, because of extraneous words used in the search. For example, my posts from March 2005 would not have told this Minnesotan how much it costs to die a sheitel. The same search would lead you to the equally useless (for this purpose) Tzivos Hashem's Official Jewish Songbook with a song about the "callah [sic] lady" who declares that baking challah is a mitzvah1 (really? I'd like to "see that inside," as they say) and sings:

    "...But my sheitel needs setting I know.
    So I’ll just dye my wig a shade,
    And I’ll give it a new braid,
    Like the braid I give to my challah dough."

and this...

There is a wealthy lady
Who lives in my neighborhood,
She has a cook to stock every shelf.
But Wednesday night she yells “Hooray”
And she shoots her cooks away,
Because she wants to bake the challah herself.
You can tell that baking challah is her pride and joy,
It’s a mitzvah she won’t ever shirk.


Miriam said...

Shouldn't that be "shoos away" instead of "shoots away"?

ALG said...

Tee hee! Yes, it should be. I double-checked to make sure that the typo was theirs and not mine, and it was theirs. It's definietly not a mitzvah to bake your own challah if you have to SHOOT your cooks away in order to do so!

ALG said...

Make that "definitely."