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Another reason to leave New York City

This was the first reason, way back in December.

Then, last Saturday, I saw a woman with a cute little baby and the baby's burp cloth, or spit-up cloth, or whatever you want to call it, was monogrammed! With the baby's name! It said "Jeremy." I was aghast. Who puts a monogram on something that's going to have partially digested breastmilk or formula all over it, day in and day out? And who monograms something that can be used and reused by multiple children? Who has money for this narishkeit?

New Yorkers, that's who!

But if they have money for this foolishness, why aren't they spending it on something else?

Someone else who say it pointed out that it was probably a gift, but I was not mollified. Who gives the gift of a monogrammed burp cloth? Did they give a set of five? Why didn't they spend their money on something else?

I hate to be so self-righteous, but sometimes it just happens.


I think there's a mistake on that website's definition of Nerishkeit. It should read:

Narishkeit: (nar-ish-kite) foolishness (a nar is a fool)
"An accountant, you want to be? Never mind this narishkeit! Better you should choose a career that will bring you creative fullfillment instead of misery from doing the same boring tasks day in and day out for 40 years! You only live once!"
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