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Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in Adults: Wrap-Up (Part 5)

Hey, it's February 2019, and I see that I never published this draft from June 2017! Here it is, at long last. The end of the coxsackie story!

However, as Day 6, Monday, January 2, progressed and after I took an analgesic, I was feeling decent and getting increasingly tired of my self-quarantine. Other than a few doctors and PAs, I hadn't seen another human being since Wednesday, December 28, and here it was, the evening of Monday, January 2!

I posted on Facebook:

However, it's apparently contagious for awhile (weeks) after symptoms disappear. I was a scrupulous hand-washer throughout this whole thing, and even carried around mini-bottles of hand sanitizer and antibacterial hand wipes, which I used regularly when I couldn't get to a sink with hot water and soap. (The wipes were the kind with alcohol, like hand sanitizer.) As far as I know, no one caught it from me. I went to a conference on January 8-12 and shared a room with someone (and disclosed to her my coxsackie experience) and went into the hot tub, and all was well. My hands got very dry from all that alcohol, soap, and hot water, so I had to apply moisturizer frequently.

One of my sores got colonized by some kind of bacteria and, as a result, did not heal for a long time.(Months.) It didn't hurt at all, but I finally went to my dermatologist. She cultured it (ouch! that hurt!) and gave me some mupirocin ointment, which I applied twice daily and covered with a bandaid, and that last sore healed within a week of beginning treatment. I'll probably have a scar there. There are no scars from any of the other various sores.

Oh, well! Just another battle scar of my saintly aunthood.

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