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Dear world,

I am so sorry for the very long silence. In the over two months since I've written, I:
  • turned 30 (not so traumatic, I have fantastic friends and family!)
  • spent another month working in Jerusalem and loving it
  • packed up and moved back to New York City
  • gone to my very first National Havurah Institute
  • lived in a bedroom without furniture (sleeping on futon) for two weeks
  • spent eight hours moving boxes and furniture from my brother's apartment and a storage facility back to my apartment
  • moved back into my old bedroom, and, more critically, my old bed!
  • welcomed my new roommate
  • hosted a Friday night dinner for two sisters, one cousin, one brother, and one future sister-in-law
  • hosted two sisters and a cousin in my apartment (we all slept together in my air-conditioned bedroom on one very hot Friday night and had a lot of fun remembering being kids and sharing a bedroom at my grandparents' home over Thanksgiving)
  • spent 6+ (7+? 8+?) hours going dress-shopping with my mother and suit-shopping with my father (for my brother's wedding in May)
  • threw, together with three siblings and one cousin, a 60th birthday party for my father and uncle (twins), which was attended by 20+ family members
Now the family is gone. The apartment is a disaster. I have not unpacked at all, and there is much cleaning to be done. I begin the next phase of my institutional life this coming Wednesday, so I'm hoping to get all of this stuff done before then.



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