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Professional development: New words

I am translating a document at work and learning all kinds of useful Hebrew terminology/lingo/words! In most cases, I knew the shoresh [root] and could sort of figure it out from context, but double-checked online just to be sure. (The words that have nekudot [vowels] are the ones I looked up on Melingo/Morfix.)

These are in the order that I came across them--first without definitions, then with (feel free to test your knowledge of Hebrew words or phrases that I either didn't know, or knew but looked up and found a better translation):
One day, when my Hebrew is much, much better than it currently is, I can look back at this list and laugh. Oh, how I will laugh!
  • פרופסור חבר = associate professor
  • מרצה בכיר = assistant professor (although it sounds to me like "senior lecturer," and I don't know if the American hierarchy that I understand to be teaching assistant--> lecturer --> assistant professor --> associate professor --> professor exists in Israel)
  • תעסוקה = employment
  • אושרה = approved/accepted (in the context of a dissertation being accepted--what's the English word for that again? the good outcome of a thesis defense?)
  • שלב מעבר= transitional stage (opposite of "יעד סופי" or final destination)
  • חקיקה = legislation (from חקק, engraved? as in "on the tablets," as in the Ten Commandments?)
  • מְמֻנֶּה = supervisor (i.e., "the appointed one," like למנות= to appoint)
  • רְוָחָה = welfare
  • נגישות = accessibility
  • סְקִירָה = survey
  • חָשַׂף = reveal, uncover
  • מַטָּלָה = task, mission, assignment (I didn't know this word at all)
  • הֶבֵּט = aspect (מבט is perspective, but I didn't translate that into "aspect" in my head, although it kind of makes sense)
  • מַחְשָׁבָה = thought, worry, consideration, interest, philosophy (I knew it had something to do with thinking, but "thought" was not the right word to use here--consideration or possibly philosophy was much, much better)
  • חֻקָּה = constitution (who knew?)
  • שִׁלֵּב = integrated (I translated it at "combined," but integrated is better)
  • עיצוב = designing, shaping, modeling, styling, formation, molding, working, casting; shape, style, format (this one, courtesy of Babylon, which I'd never really used before)

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