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זכירת ירושלים

I bought a Tikun Yom HaAtzmaut at a used bookstore here a few months ago. (I loved used books. Even more than new ones, although that is a tough comparison since each brings me joy in different ways.)

It was published in 1956 (תשט"ז), and when I first leafed through it, I got chills at this page:

Here's a closer shot of the text:

I can't really imagine a time when the Old City of Jerusalem was unreachable by Jews. It's always been a part of Jerusalem for me, since my first visit in 1996. When my mom lived here in the early '60s, of course, she never saw the Kotel, but that seems so foreign to me. Seeing it here in a book--imagining a Yom HaAtzmaut without all of Jerusalem--felt sad to me, and I don't usually get sad about such things.

I then received a 1978 copy of the same tikun and it still had the "זכירת ירושלים" in it, and my chills went away.

I guess it's supposed to be about a rebuilt, messianic Jerusalem. I've never heard of anyone saying this now on either Yom HaAtzmaut or Yom Yerushalayim, so maybe it fell out of favor over the past 31 years.

In both editions, the "זכירת ירושלים" goes on for a few pages. I hope to look through it today. It looks like it contains some interesting texts that I wouldn't normally come across. (The rest of the tikun also contains many collections of texts that look interesting.)

Happy Yom Yerushalayim!

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