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Chol HaMoed Pesach in Netanya

I went to Netanya on Friday and enjoyed the afternoon on the beach and the midrachov (How do you say that in English? Pedestrian walkway or something clunky like that?) while the lucky ducks in the Diaspora were suffering through enjoying their second day of a "three day yom tov." I took some video clips, so I decided to learn how to use iMovie and turn it into something other than a rather static five clips totally 1 minute and 52 seconds. This is the result (one minute total):

I thought that the result was more fun than a few still photos, but I hardly ever take the time to watch videos on anyone else's blog, so I won't take it personally if you don't.

The distinct thwakking sound that you hear in the background is people playing with a ball and paddles (like ping pong but without the table). There was a really nice mix of people on the beach--yeshivish types (black velvet kippot, white shirts, and black pants on the men, sheitels, long sleeves, long skirts, closed-toe shoes on the women, many children), Arabs, secular Israelis, modern Orthodox types, French-speakers, Russian-speakers, Hebrew-speakers, Arabic-speakers, English-speakers (both British and American). Here, for example, is a photo of a man buttoning his shirt up over his tzitzit while an Arab woman stands nearby:

Enjoy the rest of Pesach or any other holiday you may be celebrating in this springtime season!

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