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?סדר היום? צלותא דאברהם

Does anyone know anything about a book called "צלותא דאברהם" by אברהם לנדא? It's a book about tefillah [prayer]. There are two or three other books by this title written by other people. This one is eluding me.

How about one called "סדר היום," possibly by the , מגן אברהם, aka "ר' אברהם אבלי גומבינר"?


P.S. I'm sorry for the long absence. I am still alive and kicking, now in Jerusalem. I have a bunch of blog posts up my sleeve (including a wrap-up of my summer yeshiva studies), but no time to write or finish them, since I am so gosh darn busy learning. (Also, I have no internet at home (yet), so my internet time is severely limited.)


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