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Amusing recycling tip

This appeared at the top of my gmail today:
Film canisters can be reused to store nails, screws, buttons and pins.
I remember using film canisters for all kinds of great things1, but how many people use film these days? I feel like film, if used, mostly takes the form of disposable cameras left for the use of guests at weddings or purchased when one's digital camera was left at home.

I just got my first digital camera in May, and it's thrilling. I am taking far, far too many photos right now, but, still--how fun!

I wonder what other passe, no-longer-culturally-relevant recycling tips are out there? I think we need to recycle more than ever, but not things that we no longer use!

1. Also, metal Band-aid boxes. I miss those--they were great for storing little treasures as a kid! I was sad when they switched over to cardboard boxes, although it was probably for the good of the world. (I am pretty sure that it takes less energy to produce cardboard than to produce metal, since its raw materials don't need to be extracted from the earth. On the other hand, metal may be cheaper to recycle, since it can be melted down.)


Nowadays, I use old medicine bottles to store things that used to go in film canisters.
My dad used to make up stories that a little woman named Mimi lived in empty film containers. I can't remember any of the stories, but I remember the general concept.

That's great! What a great memory. That sounds like a very dad-like (or grandpa-like) thing to do.
I still use old film cannisters to store US coins for my coin collection that I find when I come to the US. If I keep them in one place, separate from my other change, I will know where they are when I get home. I can re-use the same film cannister the next time, and I already had about half a dozen saved up when I first started using a digital camera, so hopefully they will last a good long time yet.
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