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Overflowing with blessing

Brief update: Life is exceedingly good. Yeshiva was amazing and life-changing, I have secured two writing-Jewish stuff (a.k.a. Torah)-for-money gigs for the coming year (both of which will require a lot of work, but I like to work hard at things that I love), and I will be speaking at a shul in Manhattan this coming Shabbat. (E-mail me for details if you want 'em. I would love to see friendly faces in the audience.) I have never spoken in or to a shul before; before this summer, I don't think I would have thought that I could. But I have things to say! Hopefully, interesting things! This is sort of like my bat mitzvah, seventeen years too late, and hopefully more interesting than anything I could have come up with seventeen years ago.

Whew. I want to write a lot more about a lot, as always, but polishing up my drasha takes precedence.


Wonderful! Since I live much too far away to come to hear you in Manhattan, hope you post what you'll be saying!
yes yes! you must post your drasha for us to read... and maybe to the hadar list too?
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