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Out of Egypt

This is still the best thing that I've ever written about Pesach/Passover, so I will, once again, start off by linking to it.

Also, I am hoping to find time over the holiday to start an additional blog called "Out of Egypt," about the intersection between Judaism and mental health. This has been a long-standing interest of mine, and sometimes when I am too busy thinking about Important Things to write in this blog, that is what I am thinking and writing about. So far, this writing has been private. I decided that the time has come to expand that to a more public sphere.

I am going to password-protect that blog, though, for various reasons. If you want access to it, please send me an e-mail at abacaximamao@gmail.com and I will hand down a verdict as soon as I can. I will be more likely to grant access to people willing to give me their real names. (Posts/comments on the blog can be as anonymous as people want.)

If I decide not to give you access, it's probably because I don't know you too well or for some other arbitrary reason that I may refuse to share. If/when I got to know you better, I might change my mind. Or not. I hope this decision doesn't make me a lot of enemies. I've decided that it's what works for me at the moment.

Wishing everyone a liberating and redemptive Pesach!

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