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Measles, Mumps...Rubella?



What's next, Rubella? I always think of these three ghastly childhood diseases together because of the MMR vaccine that I was subjected to as a child. I don't know if I got the booster in the mid-90s, though. I was a teenager then. I guess I should look into that before next going to Israel.

On a related note, why isn't everyone in Israel vaccinated against measles already? This sort of news makes me feel like Israel is more of a backwater third world country than it needs to be. It's a tremendously wonderful thing that Israel immunized 80,000 Rwandan refugee children against measles in 1994, but why aren't Israelis also getting immunized? And why are ultra-Orthodox Israelis especially not getting immunized? You know, the people with all of the kids living in close quarters? Please don't tell me that there is some daas Torah about that!

Rant over. For now.

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There's been a lot of discussion about the strong possibility that the rise in autism is due to the MMR vaccination. If this is true I imagine that many parents wouldn't want their children to be immunized. Of course, this may have absolutely nothing to do with your particular rant about Israelis and immunization.
I've heard of that controversial connection (vaccines causing autism), but I thought that it was pretty well settled as being false.

Also, I thought that the connection was mostly based on vaccines that contain thimerosal, that mercury stuff. I don't think vaccines contain that anymore. At least not in the US--maybe elsewhere, they do?

Finally, I agree that this may have nothing to do with Israelis, especially ultra-Orthodox Israelis, not vaccinating their children against measles. I sort of suspect that Israeli parents who aren't vaccinating aren't vaccinating for other reasons.
There are vaccines in Israel that contain thimerosal. Our neighbors in the German Colony seek out alternatives. Our former neighbors in the West Bank caravans didn't vaccinate their kids. No da'as Torah - just your run of the mill Hardal / Habakuk new age thing.
I know what Hardal is, but what is Habakuk? I mean, besides a rather obscure Hebrew prophet about whom I know nothing?
I think it's this
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