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Things for you to read while I am too busy to blog

Or while I'm sick. I've been over the flu and back at work for two weeks now, but I'm still totally exhausted much of the time and my throat has been hurting, on and off, also. So I went back to the doctor today. It's probably nothing, but if it isn't nothing, it may be mono. And how wasteful is it to get the kissing disease without any kissing?

Anyway, carry on. I might have blogged about all of these things (and LimmudNY) if I weren't so busy sleeping and taking acetaminophen. Also, working my paying job. And, you know, reading the newspaper and Scientific American Mind and stuff. (That and Wired are my current two favorite magazines.)

Science fun

Education fun

Eliot Spitzer...fun? No, power-hungry and delusional.

Random fun (if you consider either sadness or shopping to be fun)

That's all I've got for now. Stay healthy and far away from germy people!

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I LOVED the poem! It's a great grad school resource and fun in general. Feel better, alg. I hope it's not mono.
Thanks! I hope it isn't mono, either.
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