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Shocking! All chocolate is not created equal!

This does not come as a surprise. The more flavanols a piece of chocolate has, the better it is for you. Dark chocolate has a lot, unless they strip it of flavanols during processing. White chocolate has none.

Some of the comments are interesting, though, especially the ones from serious chocolate aficionados. Someone suggested eating cocoa nibs. I second that suggestion. Regardless of their health benefits, they are delicious. However, they are also pricey. If anyone wants to get me a nice gift for my birthday (July 3), I would adore some cocoa nibs, preferably hechshered and fair trade. (I'm not sure nibs require kosher certification. I think they might just be raw crushed cocoa beans.)

You can also get flavanols from red wine (yum!) and tea. I really only drink herbal tea, so that probably wouldn't work for me. Apples, onions, and broccoli are apparently high in flavanols, too.

More on eating and foods to come... I have many thoughts in that department.

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Now THIS is something I can relate to. A square of 70% dark chocolate and 4 oz. dry red wine are part of my daily diet. Great for maintaining a high good cholesterol level and a low bad one.
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