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Too bad not to share.

Courtesy of Jewschool, and please go read the comments there, because they're interesting.

Also, since I'm mentioning Jewschool, I've just posted my first little post there on behalf of LimmudNY 2008. You should go. It's fun. (You may or may not remember what I wrote on this blog about LimmudNY 2007. It was posted to Jewschool last year by ShamirPower, but I posted this directly.)

(I will admit right now that I've always been a little bit jealous of/intimidated by the Jewschool people, whom I am totally not as hipsterish or cool or interesting or artsy or post-denominational as, even though I'm friends with some of them. But I'll admit this in very little letters. Because I'm not really sure I want to admit this in public. I mean, do I even come close to having what it takes to post there even under the guise of LimmudNY, the very mention of which makes me feel terribly guilty, as I had intended to volunteer for them in a marketing capacity, but the months of July through December somehow entirely slipped me by? End self-pitying/guilty rant.)

Back to bad Jewish pop culture! This is much more fun!

Courtesy of Jewlicious.

Does posting about the next bad Adam Sandler movie raise my coolness factor? What if I have nothing to say about it except that I can't stand his so not Israeli accent and that it looks like all the other stupid, not-funny-to-me movies that Adam Sandler specializes in, with a few notable exceptions to the rule? Gimme a romantic, English-accented, vaguely-nineteenth-century flick over this any day. I think my coolness factor just dropped, actually, with that last comment.

Carry on, then!

(There are no appropriate labels for this because I so rarely write about pop culture at all, never mind bad Jewish pop culture.)

Do you realize that "Too bad not to share" is ambiguous? It can mean "This is so bad, you have to see it," which I assume is what you intended, or it can mean "This is so good that it would be too bad not to share it with everyone," which is how I read it originally. So naturally I was puzzled watching the Hava Nagila video, until I figured out what you must have meant. But it was worth it, to learn the interesting fact that Idelsohn (THE Idelsohn) wrote Hava Nagila, even if some people think he didn't.
The second meaning didn't even cross my mind. But, you are right, I guess!

The Adam Sandler movie is also really bad.

Also, I think that "bad" means "good" to some people these days, and I didn't intend it to mean that, either.
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