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Nerdy men

Esther posted something about this letter at JDatersAnonymous already, but I just had to add: Nerds are hot. I may elaborate on why nerds (and their cousins, dorks and geeks) are attractive at some future time, but those three words should suffice for now. Some nerds, of course, are socially or emotionally inept, and that is not attractive, but for the ones who are not, hotness abounds.

P.S. While I am writing a silly post--silly because of course I would date someone who wasn't nerdy! I mean, I'm superficial but not that superficial--I want to add that I saw Larry King on the street a few months ago and Dustin Hoffman on the street last Sunday. Hoffman was, by far, the cooler of the two. I saw King walking in his poor posture kind of way, with a Ralph Lauren shopping bag, and instantly realized who it was. But Dustin Hoffman was wearing a navy jumpsuit--the kind maintenance men and plumbers wear--and signing autographs. My first thought was, "Why are all these people waiting for this old dude to sign something?" I mean, he could have been signing off work orders. A second later, I realized, "Hey, that's not just some old dude--that's Dustin Hoffman!" I think he looked older than I expected him to look because I last saw him in "Rain Man" (on DVD). (This has nothing at all to do with the hotness of nerdy men. It only belongs here in this post because famous-people-sightings, like the attractiveness of any particular kind of man, are not the sort of thing I normally devote blog real estate to.)

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on behalf of nerds everywhere, thank you :)
I fully agree. Look, I'm geeky, too. But as long as I don't wear a pocket protector, and can handle myself in social situations, I like to believe I'm passable.
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