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Go, Red Sox!

I have been a pathetic excuse for a Red Sox fan this season, because I'm only interested in baseball when the team I like is doing well. I wasn't following that closely, but it seemed to me that they weren't doing so well when I was following. Also, I haven't been getting the daily paper since August 1, so anything that happened in the world after August 1 is pretty much off my radar. Did they start doing better after August 1? What did I miss between August 1 and October 21? Suddenly, my team is in the World Series, and I had almost no idea that was even a possibility! ("Almost" because I heard that they were in the American League playoffs, but that they were down 3-1 out of 7 games, so I really didn't think that the World Series was a possibility, and I was all set to congratulate myself on having missed out on the pain of watching my team lose, yet again. That's a trope ingrained in my soul from childhood that we may need to let go of, though.)

Now I just have to decide if I would rather watch baseball games or see Israeli films at the 22nd Annual Israel Film Festival, which somehow started on Tuesday without my noticing. Sort of like the Red Sox made it to the World Series without my noticing. Oh, well. I guess I've been busy with other things.

You might be able to see an Israeli film or two on nights when there are no baseball games. Check the schedules. Of course, this assumes you have time to take advantage of this entertainment. I must tell you that Israelis from Boston are very excited!
I consider myself a "Reform" Red Sox fan. I will gladly follow them when they're in the World Series.

Somehow this resonates well with my non-Orthodox relatives in Boston...
I think they've been leading the American League Eastern Division all season, or most of the season. I know that, because about the only thing I look at in the sports pages of the Jerusalem Post is the MLB standings, during the baseball season, and only if the Red Sox are still in the running. True, they were down 3-1 in the ALCS this year, but in 2004, they were down 3-0 in the ALCS, and still won it, and the World Series, so that's no reason to write them off!
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