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Can I sit with you?

Remember being excluded from lunch tables and playground games? This [via elswhere, who has the world's best packing post] looks like a really great project. It also looks a little bit like the story of my life, at least until sometime in my 20s. Actually, I think it probably ended sometime in my teens, but the trauma caused enough social anxiety that I still felt it happening when I was in my 20s, and, say, coming into the crowded Hillel dining hall for Friday night dinner and looking for an empty seat that was not, suddenly, saved for someone else.

The purpose of the "Can I sit with you?" blog is described here (from the blog itself):
Hey, Kids!

Do you remember how the other kids at school made your life hell? Don't you think that story needs to be told? Please?

The goal of Can I Sit With You is to share our schoolyard horror stories not only amongst ourselves, but also with the children who are experiencing this special form of social purgatory right now. We want them to know that even though what they're going through sucks, they're not alone.

(If your school social experience was heavenly, that's okay--we certainly wouldn't mind some success stories.)

Proceeds from Can I Sit With You will go directly to our local, fledgling, underfunded, desperately needed Special Education PTA, SEPTAR. To that end, we're going to compile the best selections from this blog into a book, which we will start selling in mid-November 2007.
So, if you've gotten over the mortification, please go ahead and submit your stories.

I think I may have mentioned this on my blog before, but one of my fondest memories from college was the day I was hanging around in my dorm dining hall, and found myself at a table with friends, all reminiscing about being excluded from various lunch tables in elementary school. I remember marveling at my apparent success in life--here I was, hanging out with my friends at Harvard!--despite the sheer mortification of hearing those girls whisper, as I approached their lunch table, "Shhhh... [ALG] isn't invited to the birthday party."


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