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Schizophrenic law professor, paleolithic diets, and loss of faith

  1. Schizophrenic law professor: Fascinating, scary, and inspiring. Read it here.

  2. Paleolithic diets: This post by Jo, but even more so, the ensuing comments, especially Jody's, fascinated me. Really, Jody's comments almost made me want to go back to school. So, leaving aside PCOS/insulin-resistant people, are carbs like poison for us because paleolithic people didn't have access to a lot of them? Or have our digestive tracts evolved to be carb-happy in the past 10,000 years, since agriculture began?

  3. Loss of faith: Cecily's post is beautiful, and who among us can't identify with it? What I identified with most strongly is jealousy towards people who have faith. Cecily writes: "And I realized that I envied them all that simple trust and faith--I miss it." Emuna peshuta--simple faith. I don't know if I ever had that kind of faith--I remember always having questions. But sometimes, it would be nice to believe that we are cradled in God's hands, wouldn't it? I really loved this paragraph, also:

I don't like feeling this way; I was much happier when I really felt like I was cradled in God's hand, safe and cared for. Shit, who wouldn't? But I feel now that if there is a personal God (personal to me, that is) he or she is kind of an asshole, and full of arbitrary moods and inclinations. A God like that is impossible to trust. It's like trusting an abusive parent. Seductive, compelling, and impossible.
I also identify with Cecily's writing about acting as if one has faith.

* * * * *

I realize that I never updated my reading public about the apartment situation.

So, I moved in last Wednesday, August 22! It was exhausting, even though I didn't lift a thing. (Well, I rearranged boxes and furniture after the movers had gone, but they put most of it where it belonged.)

There is so much to do in a new apartment, as opposed to someone else's pre-existing apartment that's already all set up. The last time I moved into a previously-vacant apartment was August 2002. A week later, I'm still eating off of paper and living out of suitcases, which sucks. But I do have: window shades (well, one didn't fit and the other is falling down and both need some modification, but at least no one can see in at night), a working toilet-paper-roll-holder, a properly-tipped super and super's brother, a place to put my shampoo in the shower, a brand new dead bolt lock for the front door, healthy food (yogurt, cheese, fruit, milk, hummus) in the fridge, and a thoroughly cleaned-out closet with clothes hanging up in it. I also have a kitchen sink that leaks a medium amount and a bathroom sink that leaks a small amount, which have taken up an extraordinary amount of my time.

Question: Is it possible, from the third floor, that I hear/feel the subway moving? I think I can hear the subway from my bathroom. It's kind of weird.

It may be a little bit longer before substantive posts resume. Enjoy these links in the meantime!

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i am vaguely a fan of the paleodiet theory.

i wrote a short post about them here about 2 years ago (!)
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