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Just the thing for relaxing after four hours of packing.

This is neat. I wish it went a little bit slower so I could really see the faces (and remember where more of them come from), but maybe the speed is part of the point.

I am happy to report that in four efficient hours tonight, I packed seven boxes (five large, one medium, one small) tonight, in addition to stuffing some more into and sealing three already-mostly-packed boxes. I even managed to eat a somewhat balanced dinner! (God bless my freezer.) I am also happy to report that I have continued to add things to the Goodwill pile throughout the evening.

I am sad to report that there is still a lot to be done. Those of you who are following along at home, please send efficient packing thoughts this way! Thanks.

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First thing I'd do would be to put aside everything fragile, so you know what needs padding. I suggest putting the liquor bottles in with clothes, with a separate box of clothes with framed photos. I'd put valuable jewelry and/or jewelry of sentimental value with things you're putting aside for the next 2 weeks. The remaining jewelry can go in with clothes (incl. coats).
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