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Less than two years

Huh. I thought we started in the summer of 2005, but we really started in September. Now I feel a little bit better about how long it took us. We were ostensibly learning once a week for an hour and a half each time (give or take, mostly depending on how exhausted I was), but it worked out to a lot less than that. Nonetheless, we did keep it up, which is what really matters.

BZ and I finished Masechet Makkot (a tractate of the Babylonian Talmud) this past Sunday evening, June 24. This is the first non-Moed masechet (tractate) that I've completed. (The only other two that I've learned in their entirety are Megillah and Rosh Hashanah, both more than nine years ago. I've also learned chunks of Brachot, Shabbat, Chulin, Beitza, and Bava Metzia.)

The siyum will happen sometime when things calm down a little bit but before BZ leaves for the Holy Land.


It's been fun!!!

This is the first non-Moed masechet that I've completed.

Me too!
Mazel tov! I haven't forgotten about the meme. . .
Mazal tov! I learned Makkot many years ago, in Don Brand's gemara shiur at Young Israel of Brookline. I've probably forgotten most of it by now.
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