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Introductory Dating Tips for Men

I mostly resist posting YouTube videos because it could really get out of hand, but I saw this at Attention Frumster Shoppers and it gave me a bit of a chuckle.

And who couldn't use a bit of a chuckle, when all is said and done?

Also, this is much, much preferable to engaging in any more lengthy discussions about how various women friends should cease and desist contact with various men who are wrong for them--so wrong for them, and also preferable to engaging in any more lengthy discussions about where a smart girl can find a smart guy who--get this--actually respects her complex, multi-faceted intellectual, emotional, and religious being, and, finally, certainly preferable to engaging in any more discussions about any so-called shidduch-crisis. I'm not bitter. I'm not even feeling all that cynical about dating right now. This is me being perky and optimistic!

Oh, yes. A bit of chuckling about basic dating dos and don'ts (do's and don'ts?) is infinitely preferable to all of that. Especially if it comes with a crisp British accent.

P.S. Is it your birthday? I had a distinct feeling all day that June 4th was someone's birthday, and now that it's past midnight I have the distinct feeling that June 5th is also someone's birthday, but I don't know who. If it's your birthday and I totally should have known, please accept my sincere apology and for the love of God make yourself known to me so I can stop trying to figure this out. Thanks!

P.P.S. Kudos to Mechon Hadar for the fabulous Yeshivat Hadar kick-off event tonight!

P.P.P.S. To continue the curious vanity plate sightings, right outside the Pakistani consulate today, I saw an SUV with a vanity plate on it that read IND PAK. What do you suppose that means? Aren't Pakistan and India mortal enemies, more or less? Anyone who reads more than the headlines of the front section of the newspaper care to enlighten me?

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India and Pakistan were once one country. When India gained independence from Britain, the country divided largely along Hindu/Muslim lines. The division was primarily a consequence of British rule.

While India and Pakistan have fought several wars, and tensions still run high (especially over Kashmir) in recent years especially the two have worked hard towards peace.
Thanks, N! That was fast. And what are you doing up so late?

This is why they say that Americans are stupid and self-centered. Because it's true. Maybe I should start reading the front sections of the newspaper more. Science and Styles only get me so far.
I have definitely heard south asian muslims refer to the "indo-pakistani" (as opposed to, say arab) muslim community. ie, india vs pakistan is (allegedly) hindu vs. muslim. but, there are lots of muslims in india, who are probably wont to focus on the cultural similarities. just one possibility...
Also, some Indian-esque grocery stores describe themselves (at least in the tristate area) as "Indo-Pak." So foods/culture are probably somewhat similar.
Thanks for all of the responses! I'm glad I have such culturally and politically literate friends.
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