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JIB update


I would like to thank the Academy, my mother, my father, my sisters, my brother, and the other 7-10 readers of this blog, including BZ who nominated me, for their great support.

I apparently made it past the first round of the JIB awards for "Best Personal blog." Thanks, everyone! There is no way I will make it past the next round to win the award, which is why I was so, um, insistent that people vote for me in this first round. I won't be as annoying about the second round, since if I have no chance of winning, I don't want to bother people. Go read someone else's blog who might have a chance of winning and vote for them!

If you're too lazy to click over there and scroll down, I've copied and pasted the results of the top two finalists for all four groups of best personal blogs, which will clearly illustrate why I won't win the final round (just look at the numbers that people in other categories got). I included the third place person in my group (Group C) to illustrate the importance of thanking my mother, father, sisters, and brother. Without them, I would not have gotten this far! (Please pardon me while I wipe away the tears of joy that well up as I stand here, accepting my finalist status in the JIB awards.)
Vote for Best Personal Blog - First Round Group A

Treppenwitz 37.12 % (85)

mentalblog.com 19.21 % (44)
Total votes: 229

Vote for Best Personal Blog - First Round Group B

Seraphic Secret 38.21 % (94)

Letters of Thought 13.82 % (34)
Total votes: 246

Vote for Best Personal Blog - First Round Group C

The 90th Minute 24.27 % (50)

Abacaxi Mamao 23.30 % (48)

The Balaboosteh 21.84 % (45)
Total votes: 206

Vote for Best Personal Blog - First Round Group D

Aidel Maidel 45.60 % (88)

Point of Pinchas 17.10 % (33)
Total votes: 193

If you still want to vote for me after seeing those numbers, the next round of voting starts on Wednesday, May 9.

I haven't been in a finalist in anything since the 6th grade pillo-pollo championships, and, trust me, that had nothing to do with my own personal athletic prowess.


Congratulations! I'll totally vote for you in the second round, so don't give up yet.
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