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An online dating first!

Someone who is 76 looked at my online profile. 76! Technically and possibly even sociologically old enough to be my grandfather!

I will no longer grumble when 45 year old men look at my profile. (At least not this week. I reserve my right to begin grumbling again next week.)

I'm not sure why he was looking at the profile of someone almost 50 years his junior. Also, he's Reform and is looking for a woman who is not religious.

In any case, it's...interesting? impressive? surprising? that a 76 year old who was married for 54 years is looking for new love online. Not that I think 76 means that it's time to throw in the towel or that you can't remarry just because your first marriage lasted 54 years and was presumably to the love of your life, just that I imagine he would have an easier time meeting people his age at social events that are face-to-face, rather than specifically online. Unless...maybe he wants a much younger woman?

Ewwww... Far be it from me to be ageist, all of my grandparents were delightful company when they were 76, but... ewwwww... a 76 year old man was looking at my profile.

P.S. See last Friday's San Francisco Chronicle article ("Online, no one knows you. Really?") about various kinds of software you can put into your MySpace (etc.) page by inserting some html code to see who has looked at it. This (the 76 year old man looking at my profile) is precisely the reason you don't necessarily want to do this. Sometimes these sorts of covert spy operations are less than flattering.


I could barely imagine a person who's age is 70 above looking at my profile. I personally have account in Myspace and in online dating sites too, like what I have in JRomances.com. And I chose not to put those html codes to know who views your profile, perhaps for reasons like this.

Well we can't blame people to look at our profiles especially when they are so lonely, not to mention, if our pics are so catchy and attention-grabber. And besides, they can just look at us online but not physically. He didn't even send you a message, did he? So give him a break and just let him be. You might not know, you have made him smile just looking at your pics. Lol...
You're right. It could be worse. He has looked at my profile several times in several weeks, though. But he did not write to me. And there is certainly no crime in looking, although I can't imagine that looking aleviates loneliness. (Could be the reason he was interested in online dating in the first place, though.)

None of this attempting to be understanding prevents the ewwww reaction, though.
maybe he knows/knew an ancestor of yours, and his interest is more jewish-geography than romance? (tenuous, sorry...)
I hear that -- one of the reasons I was so "enamored" of JDate. Dudes in their 60s. Not the same as 70s. And yet, isn't it?

There's some sort of algorithm at work. Men in their 20s, 30s and 40s want women in their 20s. So that's why men start to look at women in their 30s when they hit their 50s. This does not explain why twentysomething you is being targeted. So yes, feel free to blame Jewish geography.
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