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Chocolate: Do it for your health

Finally, some interesting chocolate news! According to this past Tuesday's New York Times:
Eating dark chocolate may be almost as effective at lowering blood pressure as taking the most common antihypertensive drugs, a review of studies has found.
Read the whole thing (it's short) here.

Here is the abstract of the paper, published in the April 9 issue of the Archives of Internal Medicine.

The sad news, for you tea-drinkers out there, is that tea does not share this effect. Also, for any of you who prefer milk chocolate (why? why? why?), the NYT reports:
"Milk proteins prevent the absorption of polyphenols, so milk chocolate is not effective."
Here is some more coverage of this study.

(Also, this: "Dark Chocolate Beats Fatigue." Duh. From a totally biased towards chocolate source, but I'll get confirmation wherever I can find it!)

On that note, even though my blood pressure is plenty low already, I went out and purchased a bar of Scharffenberger's 82% extra intense bittersweet chocolate. This is not for the faint of heart, but if you're a serious chocolate lover (and you know who you are), it is scrumptious. None of that sissy 62% semisweet or even 70% stuff for me! (Okay, I'll eat that, too.)

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I recently encountered the Scharfenberger's dark chocolate, and it was like a little taste of Heaven.
i say that your body needs everything but not alote of everything because everything is fatning and is sometimes bad to your health and sometimes good for your health
do you get me
Your body needs many things, and moderation is never a bad thing, but your body does not need everything and there are some things that it's difficult to eat too much of.

Your body does not need: margarine. corn syrup. artificial colors and flavors. partially hydrogenated anything.

It's difficult to eat too much: dark green leafy vegetables.

Otherwise, I agree and the general sentiment is right on! Thanks for commenting!

And, David, Scharfenberger's is to die for. I only hope that Hershey doesn't ruin it. (They bought out Scharfenberger's.) It already went from being KSA-dairy equipment to being OU-D, which I assume still means dairy equipment since the only ingredients are cacoa beans, sugar, and vanilla beans.
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