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“A Phenomenological Study of Sexuality in Single, Heterosexual Men Within the Jewish Orthodox Community” (seeking research subjects)

My friend Koby sent this to me, and I thought some of my readers might be interested. If you are not personally qualified to participate, please forward it to people who are. If you have a blog and could post it there, that would also be great. Thanks!


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I am looking for research participants who are willing to be interviewed for my dissertation called, "A Phenomenological Study of Sexuality in Single, Heterosexual Men Within the Jewish Orthodox Community."

Please pass this along to anyone who you think is compatible with the description below.

Please also keep the following in mind:
  • I don't interview those whom I know personally.
  • Research participants have found the interview process to be very meaningful and helpful. While many will shy away, many others will be very interested.
  • If you have any comments or questions about my study I would be very happy to hear from you.
Thank you!

Koby Frances
City University of New York
Clinical Psychology Doctoral Subprogram

Seeking Male Participants for Clinical Psychology Dissertation Study:

Looking for bright, introspective, single heterosexual men in the Orthodox community who are willing to discuss thoughts and experiences related to their sexuality in a one-on-one, open-ended interview. Participants must be at least 24 years old and need to have grown up Orthodox. The study seeks to understand more about what sexuality is like for individuals in this group and could lead to important findings that have both clinical and educational significance.

The study is the first of its kind to systematically understand this phenomena using interviewing methods. The results may be an important first step in helping many single men who experience confusion, anxiety and religious conflict around their sexual desires or activities. While it is clear that these problems are common, mental-health and pastoral professionals know very little about how single Orthodox men navigate through their sexuality, both experientially and psychologically, and what the precise nature of their personal and religious struggles may be, if any.

The study seeks to interview a cross-section of single men reared in the Orthodox community, regardless of their current religious orientation and sexual lifestyle. Therefore, all religious levels of observance and styles are welcome, as are those who are at any level of sexual experience and comfort.

Participation requires up to two 1.5-hour, one-on-one interviews with a clinical psychology doctoral candidate. Your confidentiality and comfort will be strictly preserved.

If you are interested or would like to hear more details, please contact kobfran@hotmail.com.


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