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People really want to know if Drew Gilpin Faust is Jewish


Some statistics about how people have reached my blog recently. (The percentages are "of the last 100 visitors who reached abacaximamao through a search engine.")

Num Perc.Search Term
5 20.00%drew gilpin faust jewish
3 12.00%is drew faust a jewish
2 8.00%drew gilpin faust jew
1 4.00%numbers rabbah and longing
1 4.00%catholic drew gilpin faust harvard
1 4.00%drew gilpin faust, israel
1 4.00%posman's books discounts
1 4.00%drew gilpin faust israel
1 4.00%rav moshe feinstein on ocd
1 4.00%faust jewish
1 4.00%drew faust jewish
14.00%drew gilpin faust, jews
14.00%drew gilpin faust
14.00%statistics on sibling abuse

Apparently, one person also wants to know if she's Catholic. (I have no idea, sorry.)

It's crazy. I had about 170 unique visitors on Monday, which is the most I've ever had in one day (by a lot). Between this issue of Drew Faust's religion and my new fame through JOFA, I'm positively glowing!

I feel like I should capitalize on this somehow. Do you think I can turn this into a money maker? Perhaps something to offset the several hundred dollars that I spent at the dentist yesterday morning, since I had one small filling and don't have dental insurance? (Cursed be he who decided that dental insurance was not a necessary employment benefit. Cursed, I say! Of course I'm not going to let my teeth rot, but I hate to dig into my carefully-hoarded and somewhat meager savings to pay for a teeny tiny cavity in my mouth. I've thought about buying dental insurance, but it's apparently not worth it if you only get one filling every year or two, as I do.)


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