I [insert adulatory verb here] SephardiLady

SephardiLady, for those who don't know, is the author of Orthonomics. She lives in a community that is is clearly to the right of mine (both my current community and the community I grew up in). Most of her posts are not relevant to me right now. Most of them may never be relevant to me, since I don't have any connection to the kollel community nor do I expect to marry into it. I am also probably not going to be sending six kids to Jewish day school day school or buying or renting an apartment for married-at-twenty future hypothetical children.

So why do I like her?
  • because she writes clearly and honestly
  • because she says sensible things that would really apply to almost anyone. This is one post that exemplifies that.
  • because she exposes the financial failings of her community, but also writes about how they can be made right
  • because she is a woman writing about money, and many women, myself included, are sort of scared to think about or deal with money. I mean, I deal with it in the sense that I earn it, spend it, and even save some of it, but it took me much longer than it should have to set up my current 403(b), and I'm still dragging my heels on doing a rollover that would probably take me ten minutes at most to do. Why? I just don't want to think about it, that's why. But she clearly does, and I like that. It also somehow makes it a little bit less scary for me.
  • because, as far as I can tell, her blog, unlike so many others, has never gotten the slightest bit rude or nasty, yet she encourages healthy dialog. (Maybe it hasn't gotten nasty because everything she writes is so clearly correct and she writes in a very non-inflammatory manner? More about why online folks get rude and nasty in this recent New York Times (Science section!) article here.)
I think that's it.

Other bloggers I really love for their exemplary writing, or saying things that speak to me, or for writing things that I really enjoy reading even when I disagree with them 100%, or just for their general fabulousness, include, but are not limited to: To Love, Honor, and Dismay, and A Little Pregnant (see this for one example), Leery Polyp (see this for one example), and the Freakanomics blog, which posts very frequently and which I am thus terribly, terribly behind on (leading, in turn, to feelings of guilt, which lead to not wanting to even start trying to catch up). When I was reading it regularly, I really enjoyed it, at least partly because they have smart commenters in addition to the bloggers themselves being smart (examples of their fine blogging include this, this, and this). Daboysof905 is (are?) starting to grow on me, too, but I haven't been reading them long enough to be really comment on their fabulousness in a reliable manner.

There are a lot of other blogs that I also love, but I'm not counting them because I know their authors (ChayyeiSarah, MahRabu, Breeding Imperfection). If I'm friends/acquaintances with someone, I'm more likely to enjoy their blog, so that's, well, it's just not special. Their blogs are special, but the fact that I'm an avid reader of them isn't, at least not in my mind.


David said...

I'm a huge fan of Orthonomics. One of the things she is doing which I really appreciate and admire is attempting to correct mistaken beliefs about taxes.

Anonymous said...

Orthonomics is great, but I always read something enjoyable at treppenwitz. Well written, and always entertaining.


JT said...

Thanks ALG, hope you keep stopping by.

Shmilda said...

I'm also a fan. You'll be happy to know that I bested the temptation to respond to your anonymous comments therein. (I've been hanging around too many lawyers.)

Ariella said...

Sephardi Lady is indeed worthy of admiration. And she never uses her blog for an ego trip.

SephardiLady said...

Flattered to find this post when I punched into your blog. Truth is we currently live in a mixed community, but since we aren't quite into "adult" housing, we are fairly connected with the more Yeshivish and young people. But we have lived in more right wing communities (as well as far more left wing communities), so I guess you could say we've seen it all. I try to take the good out of every community, but it is hard to ignore the shortcomings.

Glad I have you as a reader and appreciate your comments. I really am humbled by the fantastic readers I have.