Have a holly, jolly...Sukkot?

Alas, I regret to inform you that I am no longer "busy in a very good way." Thus, I have more time for blogging! I have a few posts percolating--one about Parshat Vayishlach and another about serving God out of fear vs. serving God out of love--but they will have to wait until I have free time before 1 a.m. In my experience, 1 a.m. is not the best time for composing serious, thoughtful posts.

One ante meridiem is a damned good time to inform you all, though, that the Christmas trees are back for sale on the streets of New York, and what means that I get to smell Sukkot whenever I walk by them! I anticipate that, at some point in the future, that lovely piney smell may become more associated in my mind with Christmas than with Sukkot, as the memory of evergreen schach recedes in my memory (replaced by those less-than-aesthetically-pleasing-but-less-labor-intensive bamboo mats). I rue the day in advance.

On an unrelated note, I went to AF's party in Brooklyn tonight, and, as happens every time I visit that fine borough, I ask myself why I don't live there. It seems quieter, saner, and much more neighborhoody.

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Anonymous said...

I'm beginning a Move ALG to Brooklyn campaign, even as we speak!

- Sarah