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The TSA and the Arba Minim

The TSA folks wouldn't let me take a small, sealed can of tuna on board after the original no-liquids directive, and the OU wants them to let people take palm, willow, myrtle, and citron aboard? Maybe things have loosened since they allowed on 3 ounces of liquid (is that per person or per container? isn't clear to me yet), but the lulav, especially, strikes me as questionable.

(Aside: Do they let you bring them into California and other places with severe restrictions on agricultural products?)

Good luck to all Jews traveling with these four plants!

Each container of liquid has to hold less than three ounces, and all your containers of liquid together have to fit comfortably inside one quart-size Ziploc baggie.

Good luck to anyone trying to carry a lulav, when they freak out over knitting needles.

- Sarah
Every year, a guy at Kesher who works for the DHS will send an email out to the managers letting them know that Jews will be trying to get yellow vaguely-grenade-shaped fruit onto the planes, and they mean no harm...

Overall, I've been pretty happy with my TSA experiences, although some individuals conduct could be better...
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