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Post-Secret on Disbelief

Via Shanna at Devarim, a recent postcard sent to PostSecret:

This is actually the first Mishna and the first Gemara that I learned, in seventh grade. Learning Mishna, Gemara, and a lot of other stuff opened more doors to disbelief than one might assume.

Shanna asks, "What do you pretend to believe? What do you know now? And just how did it used to be?" Go over and there and answer her, if you feel like it. I could post a novel-length posting about what I pretend to believe, what I believe now, and what I used to believe, but I will choose not to at this time.

I love PostSecret, though, and loved this secret, including the "Rashi" on the side that I didn't see until just now. I think it would apply to more people than one might imagine.


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