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More on suicide and the Orthodox Jewish community

I felt that this was an appropriate topic for Tisha B'Av.

I was glad to see this get some coverage in the Jewish Week, and generally happy with the points covered in the article. (I liked it much more than this, as already noted.)

Other bloggers who discuss the suicide and reactions to it include:
I am curious to see what comes of this. If YU's Safe Spaces program continues on the Upper West Side (I'd link to it if there was a website), if other people get funding (as they hope to) to try to make a difference (destigmatize mental health issues in the Orthodox community, support people who are struggling, etc.).

If you want to make a contribution in Sarah Adelman's memory (to support events like this), that information and the obituary are here. If you want to leave a note for her family, I know from my own extended family's tragic experiences that your note will be very important to her family. My heart goes out to her family and friends.

The closing quote in the Jewish Week article was right on--this so-called "teachable moment" shouldn't just be a moment. I recently found out that another young Orthodox woman committed suicide on the Upper West Side about ten years ago. I don't think that suicide created lasting, positive change on the Upper West Side (possibly because of the transience of the community) or in the frum world in general. I hope that this one does.

I'll keep ya' posted.



I think the Frum community is much more open to getting help for the depressed, mental illness, and therapy then they were ten years ago.

We have grown a lot particularly when many of our children are falling by the way side. It is a terrible tragedy if we can provide resources and comfort to the struggling and we don't take the necessary steps.

I was glad to see your previous post on this subject. I completely agree that its ridiculous to lay the blame on pressure to marry. This tragic situation revolved around depression and mental illness not pressure. There are many in the frum community afflicted with these issues and they need love and tender care.

May Hashem protect us all from such terribly tragic events.

It's a tragedy, and it was preventable. I'm doing everything I can to reach out to other young people who feel as desperate and alone as Sarah did.
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