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Happy birthday to me!

Last year, I wrote this. I've gotten over being embarrassed about tooting my own horn on my birthday.

I still think that viewing one's own birth on a DVD is a modern marvel. I still can't get over the absolute heart-stopping awesomeness of witnessing your own first few moments of life, more than a quarter-century (yeah...) later. I want to dig up that DVD and watch my first few moments alive again later today.

But first, let me briefly recap my 27th year, which concluded on July 2. My 28th year began on July 3 with my 27th birthday.

My 27th year was overwhelmingly happy and overwhelmingly sad, and almost everything in between. I said hello to a new roommate, a new job, and a very special "young man" (as the relatives call him, as in "your young man") (hiya! no further details will be disclosed on this blog, as per my blog rules: no blogging about personal relationships, work, or living relatives). I said goodbye to my old job (no further details will be disclosed about this matter either, as per above rules), my great-great Aunt Marian, and, most tragically, to my cousin David.

I hope this coming year brings more of the good stuff and less of the bad.

And have a happy 4th tomorrow!


Happy (late) birthday!

(can't believe I beat your parents! ha!)


It's only because their computer is broken. Really.
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