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The back rub heard 'round the world

I've been following this incident of President Bush giving German chancellow Angela Merkel some sort of backrub with some interest. I first heard about it here. Then I read this New York Times article. I guess there's not much to follow, since the whole thing lasted a few seconds. (You can watch it here.) So I guess I've been following people's reactions to it.

With all the horror that's going on in the world these days (at least 8 Israeli soldiers were killed in Lebabon today; a young Orthodox woman who lives on the Upper West Side committed suicide on Monday--will post on that later), it almost seems silly to comment on this.

But unwanted touching is a subject dear to my heart so I just have this to say: Don't initiate intimate contact with anyone unless they specifically tell you that it's okay. (If you think that massaging or rubbing someone's neck and/or shoulders is not intimate, then I'm sorry for you.) And be extra careful with how you touch the leaders of nations.

That is all.


Um, it didn't look to me like a back rub or massage at all. It was just a friendly shoulder squeeze. It's not a big deal. It just looks like a massage from the video still, but when you actually look at it it's nothing.
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