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Supersizing sodas

Funny. And true. I don't drink too much soda, though, so this doesn't really affect me.

See what The Onion had to say on the topic almost ten years ago. The comments on Defective Yeti's post are also somewhat interesting if you to know all the reasons you shouldn't drink soda either. At least if you're looking for ways to procastinate doing your work they are.

Have a peaceful Sabbath! I have been busy with work and will continue to be busy for at least another week, so posts may be sparser than usual.


This venue is quite interesting and engaging. Moreover, it has a wonderful range and I was pleased to stumble across it while "surfing" through Blogger. It adds something to my day.

I think the increased soda sizes has as much to do with smart marketing as it does with people's desire to drink too much of it. Soda is almost free to make (a tiny bit of syrup and a lot of bubbly water), so they can justify increased prices to customers by providing larger portions, while increasing their profits. The cup that holds the soda probably costs as much as the soda itself. Why sell 10 cents worth of soda in a 10 cent cup for a dollar when you can sell 30 cents worth of soda in a 15 cent cup for $2.00? Or, if the smallest size is expensive to the consumer, they can somehow convince them that it's worth an extra 50 cents to buy the 1/2 gallon cup of soda. No matter how you cut it, larger sizes mean greater profits. It's smart marketing.
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