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Eclectic links roundup

You all deserve a break after reading Rant 1 and Rant 2. So here are some links that were sitting around as individual draft posts, but don't merit that much attention (except maybe the aspartame one and the one revealing the identity of the "woman of valor" from Proverbs):
  1. Wedding Registry Advice (NYT, June 7, 2006). If you're at that stage of life this might be helpful.
  2. JewishEncyclopedia.com (via MOWoman--also see the comments on her post). The list of patrons of the original encyclopedia is interesting. They are referred to as "American public-spirited gentlemen," and include, among them, names of a lot of wealthy New York Jews from early in the last century.
  3. Aspartame causes cancer. I try to avoid fake sugar if at all possible (that is, unless I really, really want it, which only really happens with Fresca when it's around and I want that sweet grapefruity bubbly sensation). I prefer the taste of real sugar, and I prefer to ingest fewer manipulated food substances rather than more. Anyway, it seems that the "aspartame causes cancer" thing reared its ugly head again in February, and I was none the wiser.
  4. Comic relief after that downer. Israeli National Geographic describes the "arse." Via Sharvul at Nafka Mina. Check out his post about this video. He complains about the arse but one of his commenters points out some nice aspects of the arse.
  5. Another secret to living the good life, here, from Defective Yeti.
  6. Wikipedia entry for high heels. Who would've thought that would have an entry? Reading it made me understand, more fully, just why high heels are so damn uncomfortable and why I can't walk quickly in them.
  7. Hechsher and knaidel made it into a spelling bee! Via Ruby K.
  8. Nice! Sharvul over at Nafka Mina posts a theory that the Eishet Chayil is none other than Ruth. The Eishet Chayil, or woman of valor, is the subject of this bit of Proverbs (actually only verses 10-31, not the whole thing).
  9. One final link courtesy of Sharvul of Nafka Mina. The difference between men and women according to Saudi television. The clip is titled "Stupid women," but it's not actually calling women stupid, just impetuous. I have seen and heard much worse portrayals of women in Western culture.
More substantive posts to resume sometime in the near-ish future.


Interesting links - although did you get a load of the aspartame one? The equivalents were "4 to 5 20oz bottles of diet soda per day for a 150lb person" So... that's about 3-4 liters per day: is there anyone on the planet who could actually drink 3-4 liters per day of diet soda? I wonder whether he'd get the same result from the same volumes of water...
That's true. You'd have to drink a lot of diet soda to get the same results as the study got. But if the alternative for you is drinking water (as it is for me), water has got to be better for you.

Water is probably my all-time favorite thing to drink, with the possible exception of the all glorious Starbucks frapuccino, the sweetly satisfying Baskin Robbins' Mocha Blast, and the holy Ben & Jerry's milkshake. I don't drink THOSE instead of diet soday, though!
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