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Just look at that face! Why are newborn chimpanzees way cuter than newborn humans? I thought cuteness in babies evolved as a way for us to want to care for them despite their incredibly high level of neediness. You would think that I would be genetically programmed to think that a newborn human (even one unrelated to me) would be a helluva lot cuter than a newborn chimpanzee, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Just look at that punim!

Find out if human beings are the only primates who cry here.

Compare the baby chimp to photos of newborn humans here, here, or here (and these aren't even such squashed-looking newborns).

Image: Kim Bard
Photo from: ScientificAmerican.com

not sure what this means but you reminded me:
the (an?) evolutionary theory of human head-shape is that our monkey-derived ancestors retained a formerly juveniele head-shape into adulthood. (thre is a fancy biology word for mutations that invovle the retention of juvenielle charactersitics. but i foget it...) so baby chimps look a lot more like people (babies or adults) than grown up chimps.
just a tidbit...
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