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Articulate as usual

That is, Chayyei Sarah has been articulate, as usual, on a difficult subject that the New York Times reported on today--the health crisis currently facing Palestinians in Gaza. If you read Chayyei Sarah's post, please read the comments as well, since they are bound to be interesting.

It sucks that people, many of them likely innocent to some degree, are dying due to lack of basic medical equipment, but it sucks more that Hamas is hiring and arming young men instead of putting that money towards health care and infrastructure. It sucks that Israel has to close the Karni crossing, thus preventing supplies from reaching hospitals, but it sucks even more than young Palestinians still aspire to become suicide bombers and kill Israeli civilians in the streets, shopping malls, and buses. I have sympathy towards those who are ill or dying, but I have to ask, "What do you expect will happen when you elect a government that, as the NYT put it, 'refuses to recognize Israel and forswear violence'?" This is democracy in action, people, and maybe when you elect self-declared terrorists they fund terrorism rather than schools and hospitals.

The fact that people like Chayyei Sarah live in Israel makes me want to live there more. She's so smart and shares many of my (stereotypically left-wing) values and she's articulate about them and puts herself out there in her political posts, again and again. She is also not afraid to admit when she is confused, which is more than I can say for many people. But last night, I saw Mekudeshet, and that made me want to live in Israel much less. It's a powerful film. You should see it if you get a chance, although it may make you want to forsake God*, Israel, and possibly the institution of marriage altogether.

* Or at least his manifestation in the current Orthodox halachic framework, and, no, I don't think that that is the only legitimate manifestation of God in this world. Heaven help us if it is.


Wow. I'm so flattered. Thank you for the kind words.
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