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A fourth reason to leave New York City

Scary. I knew that air quality was bad, but I didn't know that the dirt was dangerous, although it makes sense.

Alternatives to leaving New York City include finding a career in which I earned enough money to hire someone to mop and wipe down all surfaces in my home weekly or making the time to do it myself.

It just doesn't stop, does it? First three reasons summarized here for those who have lost track.

In lighter news... Suri is not an unheard-of traditional Ashkenazi Jewish name in the United States, but I find the "Israeli reaction" to be hilarious.

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Hey, I'm totally with you on reasons not to be in NYC. DC beckons... join us... all the cool people are down here... first one's free...

< / peer pressure>

Thanks, David. All the cool people are *totally* down there. DC is a high-ranked choice for where I would want to live if I did not live in NYC. The competition between DC and Israel (or possibly somewhere on the West Coast, where people are chiller and the weather is nearly always better) is one reason I haven't left NY yet.

But there are other reasons. I've been using the blog to vent some of my frustrations about living in NYC, but some reasons I am still here include:
1. a job I like on a salary I can live (but not save) on
2. living close to my grandmother, aunt, uncle, cousin, and brother is an enormous blessing
3. great roommates (rare for me)
4. a lot of friends from different parts of my past, all living within a few miles of me
5. many suitable davening options, everywhere I go, all the time
6. many suitable kosher eating out options, everywhere I go, all the time

Maybe I will put these in a separate post sometime.
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