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Eating disorders among religious girls and women

Article here. (It's very short.) Main point:

The more religious a Jewish girl is, the less likely she is to suffer from poor self-image and eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia, according to a new University of Haifa study.

The more religious the girl, the less her drive for thinness, the higher her perceived self-esteem, the more satisfied she is with her body and the less her concern with food and weight. Prof. Yael Letzer of the university's School of Social Work, working with Shira Gefen and Prof. Ora Gilber, based her findings on interviews with 320 religiously observant Jewish girls in ninth through 12th grades in state-religious schools for girls.

[Hat tip to Chana of The Curious Jew.]

It's interesting to compare this article to this, which has been on my reading list (that is, my "to read" list) for awhile.

This may be the first of a series of short blog posts, as I attempt to pare down my collection of copious drafted-but-never-posted blog posts.


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